Awesome Benefits of Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development Needs

Have got more app development projects than you can handle? But hesitating to outsource them to a top mobile app development company? Well, you aren’t doing justice to your profit-making ambitions. When your projects could be handled timely and in a professional manner, there’s no reason to stop. On the top of it, there’s a limit to physical hires due to the overheads involved. You will need to flush a lot of money in managing your full-time resources. That might not be of your interests! This is where outsourcing your mobile app development services helps.

Let’s help you get out of this dilemma that every mobile app development company faces! Explore how outsourcing your mobile application projects could prove beneficial for your company and money-making dreams.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness That You Will Appreciate

Want to save money while not compromising with the quality deliveries? Then, outsourcing your projects to a top mobile app development company could fulfill your interests in saving money. Moreover, you can hire them at a significant price margin that will put a smile on your face, for sure! Wondering how? It’s simple. Just consider an offshore company with relatively lower prices of development due to currency differences. You will need not to pay for buying computers, desks or invest in infrastructure that will turn out to be more cost-effective than you can think off!

  1. Quick Turnaround Time that Accelerates the Development

Usually, a professional mobile app development company has quick turnaround times because they value the client relationship. That means the end of your mobile development woes because you don’t have to push them for deliveries. Instead, they will be updating you the progress of the projects online. Isn’t that great?

  1. Gives You Opportunity to Choose the Best Talent

Hiring a top talent in your local area could be challenging at times. Your HR could vouch for it. Often, the companies have to settle with the mediocre talent that partially fits the project’s needs. But this is not the case with the outsourcing. In fact, you will have the best global talent working for you virtually if you choose to outsource your projects. You could track their past records, certifications and give them a sample test, to begin with. Hire the one that exceeds your expectations. It will eventually help you in growing your company!

  1. Get All App Development Solutions Under One-Roof

You might not be getting the same kind of projects all the times. Sometimes, your clients want you to develop a grocery app while other times it could be a taxi app, hospital app and so on. Your local talent might not possess experience in handling all this stuff. This is where outsourcing it to companies experienced in delivering mobile apps of all kinds and functions will help. You won’t need to look elsewhere as they will handle every single concern for your app development.

Outsource your mobile app development services and say goodbye to hassles that you face from the development to the app launching phase. With the best talent onboard ready to serve you in the timezone you prefer, mobile development feels like an easier stuff. Just choose the best mobile app development partner and you would thank yourself for this awesome decision. Without investing in infrastructure or increasing your overheads, you will be making a significant amount of profits. What more you could ask for? Consider outsourcing your app development projects and make your life easier!

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Top 4 Mobile App Development Trends For The App Industry In 2019

The demand for mobile app development has experienced a surge like never before. Now, more and more businesses are spending on mobile app development services to make the most out of mobile searches. The average per session activity of users on mobile applications has triggered to 6 percent more than the last year. Wondering why? Because there’s an app for everything and experiencing the hike in figures is quite likely.

This robust demand for mobile applications has pushed the app developers to come up with something more innovative every year. If you are keen to know more, then let’s find out what would be trending in the mobile app industry in 2019:

  1. M-Commerce Apps Will Rule the Market

Back in 2015, the M-Commerce market was $450 billion which has now reached $1086 billion in figures. Well, that’s a double fold jump in the figures. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? Now,businesses know that they are going to acquire more leads from mobiles than the desktops. So their interest is leaning more towards building mobile applications for the online shopping from a mobile app development company.

The rise in the number of mobile wallets has added another feather to the growth of M-Commerce industry which is not at all hidden from the businesses. This winning trend will continue to dominate 2019 as well.

  1. Cloud Applications Will See a Surge

With the promising CAGR of 18.2% for the period 2017 to 2021, the SaaS industry is going to be a point of attention in 2019. The demand for cloud applications is on the rise as the local storage devices are shrinking. The trends are moving towards the use of cloud applications due to greater security, unlimited space and better control over confidentiality. The market for cloud applications is forecasted to reach $ 68 billion in figures by the end of 2019.

Seeing its massive growth, it couldn’t be ruled out that the future of mobile applications is in the cloud. It is the best time for building a cloud app from a top mobile app development company and get benefited by the promising growth figures.

  1. More Demand for Apps for Wearable Tech

The use of smart wearable devices such as Apple Watch has created another furor in the industry. It has paved the way for the use of mobile applications for the wearable tech. You could see them all around. People jogging in the morning wearing their smartwatches and controlling their daily tasks using mobile applications. The trend for wearable tech apps will further rise in 2019 as the market is expected to grow over $100 billion mark by 2023. It sounds profitable to consider mobile app development services for building apps if you deal in this niche.

  1. AI and Machine Learning Will Be the Catalyst of Change

The growing use of digital assistants like Google Assistant and Siri has given rise to a new trend in the industry, AI-powered mobile applications! The mobile apps with AI and machine learning functions are predicted to perform well in 2019 as well. These intelligent applications are contributing to the growing numbers of the AI industry that are expected to go beyond $1.2 trillion in 2019. You will see their use in predictive text for the ease of typing, GPS route suggestions, voice-based searches and several other functions.

Seeing the promising growth figures revealed above, 2019 seems like a golden time for the mobile app industry to grow beyond expectations. It will bring cheers to both, those who are already up in the market with their apps and those who are set to enter the market by building mobile apps from a top mobile app development company. The trends such as AI, machine learning, apps for wearable tech, cloud applications and M-Commerce will continue to dominate the industry in 2019. You will see more promising features revealed for users in the near future!

When the demand for mobile apps is at a peak, then why waits and watch? Just roll over your mobile application for your business and experience growth. Consider Creative Thoughts Informatics for the mobile app development services to beat the competition in the market. Call us now to know more!

Top 4 Features for Building Trending Messenger Apps like WhatsApp and Telegram


Aspiring to build a trending messenger app from a mobile app development company? Definitely, you would look to bring enticing features of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram into your app. These Goliaths have taken over the world of messaging so replicating them would put you in the right course. These instant messaging apps have a pretty large user base, so following their footprints is the best thing you could do. However, you need to know which features could make your messenger application stand out.

Read these4 lucrative features your modern messenger app must have to gain a traction in the market:

  1. Simplest User Login

Designing a login that works simply great for users adds more to the app experience. Your app users will love it if you give them the simplest way of logging in. For instance, the Facebook asks for email and password for logging into the app. You could also consider an SMS-based login system for your audience. But make sure you don’t overcomplicate it or else your users will walk away without logging into it.Get some more creative ideas from a mobile development company to develop a user login system that makes things easier for your users.

  1. Chatbots for the Ease of Communication

Got fancy of chatbots that keep their users hooked all the time? You might have seen them in Telegramand other instant messaging apps. But Telegram was one of the first IMs to introduce them in the market. These AI-based chatbots could automate and simplify many tasks to help your users. Enabling chatbots feature for your messaging app would be a lovely feature that your users will appreciate.

  1. Message Broadcasting Feature for User’s Convenience

This is another exciting feature that lets users create a group of desired contacts and then shoot them messages all at once. But the messages don’t appear to the recipients as a group message rather as a message from that individual. Message broadcasting is a great feature for businesses that want to reach out to the customers because they get treated as a personal message. Let your mobile and web development company convey that you need a message broadcasting feature in your app for the ease of communication.

  1. Geolocation to Fulfill Users’ Interests

You might be aware of the geolocation feature in the instant messaging apps like Facebook messenger, Telegram, etc. It is a great addition to your app as your users could share their live location with their contacts. At times, this feature could help your users in locating other users or walking to the physical address of the businesses. Keep it in your must-have feature list to stay ahead in the trends.Put it into your priority list while doing the application development.

Building a contemporary instant messaging application such as WhatsApp, FB Messenger and Telegram is possible if you know which feature to put during the app development phase. Some of the features shared here could give you a winning leap if you consider them. Weed out those features that don’t make the users’ life easier. Or else, they will consume your resources and turn out to be good for nothing.There’s a fierce competition out there in this niche, but you could survive if you keep an ease of communication above all else.

Got an idea to develop a trending instant messaging app such as the WhatsApp or Telegram? Let us, Creative Thoughts Informatics, help you out in developing the chatting application for you. Being the top mobile and web development company in India, we know how to create a furor in the market. Reach us if you building an interactive app is on your mind.

Android 9 Pie: Awesome Features and How They Will Hook Up Users


Google has just introduced the new version of Android – Android 9 Pie! Developing an app on it from a renowned Android app development company could be a real boost to your ROIs. Thanks to the awesome features it is bringing in.Packed with powerful features like extended battery life, new gestures navigation, it will keep your app users hooked onto it. Probably, these contemporary features would wow your users as they try their hands on Android 9 Pie.

In speed, it’s as flawless as Android Oreo plus it comes with improved UI and colorful interface. Let’s discuss in detail the new and updated features of Android Pie:

  1. Adaptive Battery That Serves Longer

Android Pie is equipped with advanced AI algorithms good enough to give your phone battery a long standby time. It uses machine learning to know which apps you are going to use in the next few hours. Automatically, it spends your battery’s energy on the mobile app you are going to use. This helps your battery power in serving you flawlessly for a long period of time without the need for charging. So consider building an app on this platform from a reputed Android app development company.

  1. Adaptive BrightnessThat Adjusts to Environment

The Android Pie is smart enough to adjust your screen brightness according to the environment you are in. For instance, if you are moving in the daylight, it will set your screen brightness to the optimal. It learns your screen brightness in different settings and automates it for you accordingly.

  1. App Actions to Get Things Accomplished Quickly

This OS is built to get done with your tasks quickly. The App Actions learn what you do and analyze the data for a period of time and then display predictions. For instance, if you have just connected your headphones to the phone, it will automatically display the last playlist you were listening to. Thus, predictions save your time and efforts. The Android Pie seems to attract masses with its lucrative features, so make sure you hire android developer, build an app and be there before your competitors do!

  1. Slices to Make Your Every Search Count

Slices help you keep going easier whenever you make a search on the Google. It displays a part of your mobile application below the Google suggestions whenever you perform a quick Google search. For instance, if you search for Uber on Google, it will display you the Uber’s price and time below the Google search suggestions.

  1. Gesture Navigation to Take Off the Load From You

This is another revolutionary mobile app feature that compliments mobile phones with Android Pie OS. Using gesture navigation, you can navigate the system without using buttons. Surely a thumb up if you keep convenience above all else! Now, switch flawlessly between apps using gestures that make your life easy. Blow the minds of users as your app goes live on Android Pie using the best-in-class Android app development services.

  1. Background Restrictions That Give You Better Control

With Android Pie rollout, you will have a better control over your battery’s power consumption. So if you have many apps installed in your phone that run in the background and drain your battery’s power, you have got a solution. This OS gives you recommendations to restrict certain apps that consume a lot of power which will end up battery runoutissues.

With numerous useful features, Android 9 Pie is all set to rock Android users. It’s equally useful for businesses looking to deploy their new Android apps on the platform using Android app development services. Your users will have a better satisfying experience while they will use your mobile application on the phone. Google has done justice to Android platform by empowering it with the Android Pie, let’s see how far it goes!

Impressed with the Android Pie, you might want to roll out a new Android app in the market? Our mobile app development company could help make development accomplished for you. We are Creative Thoughts Informatics. We stay tuned with the latest features to make your app development initiative a real success. Let’s collaborate to create an Android app your users will love to talk about. Call us now!

How Much It Really Costs To Develop a Food Ordering App Similar to Zomato or Swiggy?


Aiming to roll out a food ordering mobile app just like Zomato or Swiggy for your venture? Well, stepping your feet in the food and delivery niche is a profitable affair and a Mobile app development company could help you get started. Earning top dollars out of the food delivery business is pretty easier comparatively. For those who doubt it, you might like to see the growth trajectory of Zomato, Swiggy and UberEats that soars to new heights every year. Though building a complex app may take you a couple of months but worth waiting.

You might have the curiosity to know the cost involved in the development of food delivery app. Let’s get you familiar with the prices. Knowing the prices upfront prepares you better to control your budget and arrange for financials before you start out with the food ordering app development. Let’s find out more about the topic and answer your concerns that you may have.

  • Cost of Developing a Food Delivery Mobile Application

Cost of building a contemporary app like Zomato from the food delivery app development company is going to cost you slightly above the usual mobile apps. But the costing shouldn’t be your prime concern considering the high ROIs food delivery application delivers. Below are some of the factors that influence the cost of your food delivery app. Let’s talk about them one by one:

  • App Development Platforms

Costs for the food app development could vary depending on the platform you choose for the development. For instance, building the app on the iOS could cost you more than an android app. If your app needs to create responsive pages using frameworks like CakePHP and RoR, the cost could be further hiked up.

  • Design and Functionality

The app’s UI and design needs to be enticing to engage food lovers the moment they open it on their mobile phones. Also, it must be equipped with all those contemporary functionalities that a foodie usually looks for. Designing and functionalities could further add a few thousand dollars to the development cost.

  • Size of the Mobile Application

What would be the app size you should keep? Well, your developer could let you know after getting the list from you about the functionalities and features to be added in the application. You can even consider MVP in the early stages.

  • Developer/Development Company’s Charges

Since the development charges vary from developer to developer, the rates are largely dependent on how much your developer charges you. Usually, the development rates start from $30 per hour and go beyond depending on the complexity of the app and experience of the developer. Building a food delivery app like Swiggy or Zomato could take hundreds of hours in the development. So if you feel that hourly rates could rack up your costing, you can even request for a fixed quote from your developer. This would keep things in your budget.

  • Final Wrap-Up

The price to develop MVP for a Zomato like application usually starts from $15000 and go up. Expect to pay around $24000 for a fully functional Android app. However, that also depends on the various pricing features and functionalities you ask your food delivery or restaurant app development company to put into your food ordering app. If the budget bothers you, you may start small. Even the apps like Uber Eats and Zomato have far fewer features at the start than they have now. You can add more features as your mobile app starts gaining traction online.

Thinking of building a contemporary food delivery mobile application like Uber Eats, Zomato or Swiggy? Then think of us because we, Creative Thoughts Informatics, know the features foodies look for! Building your food ordering app from us will keep you ahead in the race. If you are about to roll out a food delivery venture, let’s talk about the pricing for development now. Call us now!

5 Web design tips to Impress Your Target Audience in 2018

Web Design, well, let’s start off with what it is all about? Web Design is the first and foremost prerequisite that helps you establish your web-based technology at par with the growing competition in the leading world. Businesses, in the present era, wants to be competitive in today’s growing marketplace. With various fresh and top notch web designing tips and innovations, web-based technologies have turned fearless. In today’s online competitive space of leading web designing companies, if you want to rule digitally, you cannot wish to oversee the requirement of having an alluring yet crisp web design.

But what difference does it make?

Have you noticed your interest while navigating through a website? Do you wish to stick to a website having poor to common design? Doesn’t it restrict you to get the thing you are looking for? Well, if it’s a yes every time, you may even abandon the website because it is just a waste of time. This is a signal of bad user experience that compels the reader or audience to quit the site permanently because it has a weak web design. Your website is the primary marketing tool that you use to communicate your value proposition to entice and attract your target readers and audience.

Hence, the web design and experience matter! More than the content.

So, if you are a web designing company looking for the spot on website designing tips, here are five web design tips to Impress & Engage Your Target Audience in 2018.

1. Responsive Web Design with ease of navigation

The world no longer depends on laptops and computer screen but smartphones in hand. And to hook the reader on to the website, we need to use a responsive web design that shall attract the audience and give them ease to scroll through.

2. Great use of Typography and compelling graphics

It’s no hidden fact that use of alluring typography and compelling graphics attract the users more to the website. To sell your products, services and even make your reader come back to your site, use attractive yet simple fonts to show your excellent knowledge in web designing.

3. Use of animation

Well, this isn’t a secret weapon. We know how we as readers get attracted to animated pictures and videos that can help us relate. Hence, if you as a web development company are looking for the great website designing tips, don’t miss out using animation.

4. Declutter the sidebars

While we as a business might feel that a sidebar is a go-to place when it comes to the website, we sometimes overdo it with a lot of options. Let’s say; there is a strict need to declutter the sidebars and keep only the relevant options there.

5. Say no to mediocrity

Mediocrity; something that you need to stay away from. Do not settle down for a mediocre web designing or content marketing strategies. To prioritize engagement and focus on the quality of your participation over the number of clicks and impressions, use out of the box ideas keeping in mind what your readers or audience look forward to from your website.

Once you have all these 5 perspectives in place, you’ll see a definite increase in engagement on your website.

How to make your iOS app More Successful in 2018

Mobile apps are becoming more and more crucial for businesses these days. From hotels and restaurants to e-commerce stores, small and mid-sized businesses to fortune-500 companies, almost every business is in need of a mobile app. Reason being, smartphones are in every single hand and customers need convenience while buying any products or utilizing any services business has to offer and hence, just a few tabs on smartphone screen can be the easiest way to do so.

Apple is one of the leading mobile platforms, so creating applications for Apple users—regardless of whether it’s for iOS, watchOS, or tvOS—can be a colossal advantage for an entrepreneur. Apple is known for its top notch applications and its strict prerequisites for iOS application engineers. In addition to the fact that it is imperative to take after standard practices for acknowledgment into the App Store, but on the other hand it’s essential for ease of use and convenience. With keeping your project organized and following the basic practices, you can make the most out of your app marketing efforts:

Engaging layout, design and content:

Most of the mobile apps available in the market and built for iOS fail due to the lack of attraction. To ensure such thing do not occur in your case, make sure to choose finest designs, layout that capture the eye-balls of user and force them to keep using your app.

In addition, content is regarded as king due to many obvious reasons. You need to ensure that content used in your app is engaging and offering sufficient details about what you have to offer.

Attractive logo and keyword-specific names:

This is where technical expertise comes into play. With a captivating icon coupled with keyword-specific name can make the promotional activities of iOS app easier and hassle free. On one hand, attractive icon will help in engaging customers and on the other side, keyword specific names will help app to get rank high on major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
Let customers use it without any cost for some time:

One of the most effective ways to enhance the popularity of iOS app is to allow people utilize it without having needed to pay a single penny. Once they are in love with your mobile app and products or services, they will surely agree to pay to make use of it.

Catchy and clear descriptions:

Regardless of products and/or services you have to offer, you need to equip your mobile app with clear, precise and catchy description that is easy to understand and attractive. Moreover, be careful while choosing font style and size. Select easy to read fonts and proper size as per the layout so that users do not have to face issues in reading the content.

If you are one of those business owners who want to enjoy all the benefits of a successful mobile app, then Creative Thoughts Informatics Services Pvt. Ltd. is the finest web and app development company to choose. They have a team of vastly experienced mobile app developers who can get the job done for you with ease. Their services are second to none and you will surely get the best value for your hard earned money. The professionals of the company understand your business needs so well and work with perfection on mobile app development projects. For more details about the company or to consult professionals about your needs and budget, visit the website

5 Fundamental to E-commerce Startup Success

Have you just started with your e-commerce business? You might come across tons of hurdles on the way to success. But a professional E-commerce development company could make a significant contribution to your venture’s growth. From finding a  trusted shipping vendor to adding payment integration modules to your online store, you will face plenty of challenges. But here you will come across less talked side challenges which pave the way to success. Here we go!

1. Shift from Out-of-Stock to Pre-Orders

For a customer visiting your website, the out of stock label tagged on your product is a real turn off. For a startup, it might make a sense in investing in a limited stock of products to avoid inventory cost. But,  don’t let this situation wreak havoc on your sales. It would be a much smarter approach to get pre-orders and sell online in a controlled way.  This is a better way to save your business from the nuisances that arise due to product out of stock issues. A knowledgeable e-commerce development can make that happen for you by installing a few website plugins and apps for pre-orders. This will solve your purpose and will add to your profits.

2. Equip Your Business with Facebook Chat

Shopify has set a new trend in e-commerce industry with the release of buy buttons for Facebook and Twitter. So, how could you stay behind? Simply hire e-commerce developer and get this super-exciting feature installed in your online store. How about leveraging Facebook chat for a more seamless experience for your customers? With more than 69 percent of buyers frequently active on FB, it makes sense to get Facebook chat installed on your website to engage with them.

3. Use Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Smartly

If you have hundreds of products in your online store, it’s better to display them randomly to let customers know about them. Up-selling and cross-selling works like a charm when you display them in the right nook of the website. You can even display your highest selling items on the website header to gain advances from customers. To implement these features, all you need is assistance from an established e-commerce development company to help you with plugins and apps needed to solve the purpose.

4. SEO-Friendly Review Scores

You might not be paying a dime to SEO-friendly review scores until now but it’s a smart way to boost conversions. Wondering how? Well, SEO-friendly review scores encourage transparency and help secure a rank in Google search results. In fact, many e-commerce stores have started implementing it as a way to improve their authority. Ask your e-commerce development agency to add store’s total review score using snippets for the purpose of displaying it in organic search results.

5. Promote and Automate Referral & Loyalty Programs

To make loyal customers, you need to promote referral and loyalty programs that keep them hooked on your website. Customers don’t mind having extra incentives in the name of festive season or promotion and wait for you to roll-out the season’s sale every time. It’s like investing in your success that can be conveniently done by integrating a few useful plugins that automate the process.

Make your online store stand out by integrating crucial tools, plugins, features, and apps that boost conversions. Knowing isn’t enough, just hire e-commerce developer from Creative Thoughts Informatics, a leading web and mobile app development company to give your startup the taste of success. You will never look back if you stay with a knowledgeable technology partner like us. Reach us now!

What is it that draws the maximum attention of a user to a mobile application? Is it the mobile application that has all the unique features inbuilt or is it an application that gives an exclusive user experience? Be it whatever; the mobile app development company and creators have to provide a seamless and exclusive experience to all the end users, altogether. This is to keep them intrigued. While the poll between exclusive user experience and a fresh design will never end, here is a list of essential tips that can be used to create an appealing UI along with making the mobile application stand out from the rest.

Step by step instructions to Scale Your Uber-Like Service

2010, the year that blessed humanity with an application that can help you ride all through the city choosing a car and needless to pay in cash; was the year of a millennium. Until now, that every other Mobile app development company is striving to build an Uber-like application that can help people travel. But, can your app look, feel and perform just like the giant name; Uber? Or even if you may like to take an example of Ola, can you strive to become a name as big as these taxi applications?

Well, if you are one of a striving mobile app development company who is willing to build an Uber-like application and are stuck, here is a list of some fancy ways that can help you add all that extra vibe to your application without breaking your bones and burning your pockets.

But first, let’s dig into Uber first. What all does Uber provide?

· It connects riders and drivers based on location.

· It offers live tracking of drivers.

· It makes use of credit card payments.

· It already has positive feedback and has garnered a lot of user love.

So what’s next?

How shall we as a Mobile app development company scales our taxi app development process?

Worry not, here on the list are some rapid and taxi-hailing strategies that you can use to optimize your application and maximize your taxi app development process.

1. Provide advanced features like the outstation service.

To build a successful taxi booking application just like Uber, you need to enroll advanced feature like the outstation service that helps the users book a cab to ride to a different city. This will not just give an extra wing to your service but also increase your client satisfaction. With just a few taps, your users will be able to book a cab to travel to another city and love it.

2. Do not forget to create day packages to aid travelers.

Traveling is difficult, and when it comes to tourists, it gets a little too tricky with no packages in hand. Some travelers don’t fancy the idea of traveling with a lot of people. Hence, you shall provide day packages to aid them. This way, you will be able to attract more customers.

3. Why not build a distinct function of delivering Prime Membership to frequent riders?

The unique feature that you can inculcate in your app is to give users the ability to become a prime member of your taxi service. This way they will be able to take advantage of all prime facilities including some free rides or even membership plans that can help them get discounts.

4. Carpooling is essential. Don’t miss it!

Pooling is a great way to move ahead. To attract more customers and especially people who travel alone, carpooling is the most efficient service. It gives you the ability to share a cab with a set number of people and cuts down on the extra money as well. Totally, pocket-friendly!

5. Add a feature to make special requests for a wheelchair for the physically disabled person or even a baby seat for parents traveling with toddlers.

By serving your riders with specialized services such as these, you will be able to give them a rich riding experience, and they shall thank you enough too. Moreover, this facility will help you gain more customers and win their trust. They will most likely prefer using your service before any other taxi application.

Hence, if you are in stuck amid Uber-like application development and are willing to provide your customers the best service, these five features will help you a great deal. The above-given features are sure to promote your business.

Top 5 tech trends that will drive innovation in 2018

The current era is magical. It is full of innovations and better solutions to existing problems. From the touchscreen technology in 2012 to all the new photo editing software in 2017. From the original banking system to how cryptocurrencies have ruled the world’s economy by storm lately. While 2017 gave us some fresh inventions, 2018 is going to bring us even cooler technological inventions with time. Forget all the new UI/ UX trends in Mobile app development; there are going to be some significant advances in the entire technology spectrum.

But the question here is, what will tomorrow bring? What does tomorrow hold for the world as a whole in 2018?

2018 marks the beginning of new tech trends, more innovations and better solutions to rule the digital landscape in the New Year and here are all the dimensions that will prove it’s going to be one great year.

So, what are we waiting for, let’s have a look at some of the major technology trends that will change the way we are living right now:

  1. Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial Intelligence is set to rule the year with its exciting advancements. The advancements will majorly be seen in the healthcare industry and all the businesses worldwide. You may expect a lot of improvement in the patient experience and healthcare delivery systems.

Apart from this, the invention of driverless systems that can even predict your destination will be a big help. There are also going to be advancements when it comes to the banking industry.

  1. Robotics

Trends from the past years indicate a steady growth in RaaS (robot-as-a-service) and collaborative robots in the coming year, 2018. It is being said that more companies will use drones as a pickup and drop facility for medicines and also that drones will be used in a lot of search and rescue operations. Apart from this, it’s also being said that robots will replace the workers in the factories.

  1. ML or Machine Learning

With the New Year beginning, most of the companies are planning to move past the traditional ways of communicating within a company. More companies will look for creative ways to communicate within an organization than just emails, texts or chat boxes. With ML into practice, the security measures to differentiate between a human and a machine will also have to be very strict. CAPTCHA’S will no longer be sufficient and in use.

  1. IoT (Internet of Five Things)

According to Goldman Sachs, the five main verticals of IoT are wearables, connected cars, connected homes, connected cities, and industrial internet. While every year the idea of connectivity advances tremendously, 2018 will see a phenomenal change. With 5G, edge computing, and analytics, the concept of connectivity will spur across industries. Only a pro mobile app development company could help you surpass the difficulties of IoT application development. So, get the one today!

  1. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology is set to bring transparency, accountability, ease, and trust to all the areas in 2018. Count in,  credit reports in business, business accounting, workforce management, recruitment, retail, wills and inheritances, public records, energy generation schemes, entertainment rights, voting, and even education, every sphere is going to be blessed with its wonders. There will be more of crowdfunding, and you shall expect, crypto- crowdfunding as well.

While the result of all the new technological advances will depend highly on how they are perceived, 2018 guarantees to be a year of excitement with innovative technology trends. As far as e can see, the year 2018 will bring significant advancements such as 5G, edge computing, creative conversational platforms, intelligent analytics, self-driving cars, and even smart banking systems, making life infinitely more comforting and exciting.

These emerging technologies are a pack of troublesome potential that we will have to test to believe the unbelievable transformation they could bring to our everyday normal lives.

Technology will change the future, for surely.