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Phonegap App Integration Design

Phonegap App Integration Design refers to deploying phonegap designs into various platforms without losing features of the native application.

Phonegap Widget Development

Widgets are small application instances which extend a view of the original apps. These are developed to give the user a quick view of the app data without actually launching it.

Hybrid App Development

PhoneGap allows application development which can be employed a wide range of platforms. This is known as hybrid app development.

Phonegap UX/UI Design

UX refers to user experience. UI refers to user interface. The company makes use of PhoneGap to develop an UI which can give a greater UX to users.

Phonegap App support & Maintenance

– Developing an application is not enough. It needs to be updated and maintained on a regular basis. We perform such functions as well.

Native App Development

Apart from developing applications which run on multiple platforms, PhoneGapcan also be used to develop native apps.

Our Phonegap app development approches

When it comes to building applications for various platforms such as iPhone, Android, Windows and more, it requires different frameworks and languages. PhoneGap, using standards-based web technologies solves this and bridges web applications and mobile devices. PhoneGap has been downloaded millions of times and it is used by hundreds of thousands of developers. If you are one of those individuals who are looking for phonegap development services , then you have come to the right place that is Creative Thoughts Informatics Services Pvt. Ltd.

Apart from other development services, the company functions as a Phonegap app development company. They build exquisite mobile applications using the technology which is highly acclaimed in the industry. To do this, they reuse existing web development skills which help in the rapid development of hybrid applications. These hybrid applications are developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Doing so, helps them to create experiences for various platforms with just a single codebase. The application created by them can be downloaded on any device running any platform. This is what makes their Phonegap app development services so much in demand.

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Technology we used
Perfect Phonegap App Development

High level of proficiency in using HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and JavaScript. Cross-platform development for Windows Phone, iOS, Android & Symbian. PhoneGap is evolving and becoming one of the most used tools ever. This has set the competition of those using the framework higher than ever. We always achieve our objectives by providing superior development services which are cost effective as well as are at par with the international standards.

Advantages of using ionic app development for mobile application

Here’s why getting your app development done in PhoneGap makes economic and strategic sense:

  • Our developers have the required experience and expertise which helps them to design a custom application for the clients.
  • Our team consists of a dedicated and passionate team of App developers who work on projects in a determined manner.
  • A perfect track is something that assists the company throughout the way. We have an excellent track record which have created by pleasing our clients owing to their provided services.
  • Our app developers working on the client’s projects dutifully invests time in the client’s requirements. We give valuable suggestions and guidelines for their improvement.
Why Choose Phonegap

Choosing a reliable technology for your mobile app development project is one such decision that matters the most in order to meet your goals in the best way possible.

  • The primary reason because of which PhoneGap is used is portability. PhoneGap app development services make applications for a particular platform to be used for numerous other platforms.
  • Development in PhoneGap requires skills on in web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
  • Existing PhoneGap developers can easily be a part of PhoneGap and target the user base.
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