3 Awesome Features That Will Make Your Bitcoin Wallet App Successful


Bitcoin has become a buzz on the streets as everybody is talking about it all the times. With its growth increasing by hundreds of times in the past 5 years, bitcoin wallet app development might be of your interest. With a serious rise in its popularity, people like to trade and mine this digital currency. The best way to do it is by developing the app, launch it on Google Play Store and make a business out of it. But you should know that they are the meaningful features which are behind a rise and fall of an app. Make sure you have best of them to make your crypto wallet app stand out.

Here are the top features that you shouldn’t miss out to make your bitcoin app the talk of the town:

1. Include Feature That Facilitate Transactions

Often, friends and families look for bitcoin transfers. In fact, this is the most demanding feature to include in your bitcoin wallet app as it is frequently used by crypto users. In fiat money, online money transfers are a real pain, especially when sending it across continents. But bitcoin is more of a people’s currency that often times lets you transfer money with no fees at all. Just include this feature in your app and see how people rush to your mobile crypto app to make it a talk of the town. To put this feature into your app accurately, any mobile app development company with crypto app development experience could help.

2. New Public Key Generation

Every other day you come across online money thefts and scams in fiat currencies but bitcoin is a lot more secure option. However, to make it more complicated for fraudsters, you need to have a feature that thwarts any possibility of fake ownership claims. What could do for it? Simply ask the concerned mobile app development agency to include a security feature that automatically generates a new public key whenever any new transaction takes place. This way, a new public key will be generated along with every private key to keep hackers away.

3. Auto-Logout Feature

What if your Smartphone with bitcoin app installed gets stolen? Or, you lose it somewhere in the public place? The fear of losing your bitcoin money won’t let you sleep. Then, don’t you think there should be any security feature to address this concern? Well, you could address your users’ concern with empowering your bitcoin app with an auto-logout feature. This security feature will resist any attempt by strangers to access your bitcoin wallet in case if your Smartphone gets stolen or lost.

The success of your bitcoin wallet app development depends on how many rich features you put into it. The more the better because that’s what most users like to see. But in a rush to hit the numbers, don’t put any bitcoin feature that you randomly come across on the internet. Instead, consult with a premier mobile app development company that specializes in crypto wallet development. They could help you make a mark in the Google Play Store by incorporating features in demand into your bitcoin wallet app to make it a win for you.

Want to make your bitcoin wallet app a real success for you? We, Creative Thoughts Informatics, could help you gain that traction over your crypto wallet app’s success by incorporating features that matter. Empowering your bitcoin app with lucrative features and technology is what we have excelled all those years. Give us a chance to help make a difference in your mobile app development. Consult us today for bitcoin application development.

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