3 Email Marketing Trends to Watch Out in 2018

People still hook onto emails, sometimes on an hourly basis. There lies a hidden opportunity that a majority of marketers have perceived to be dead. Keeping a close watch on email marketing trends could get you more business in 2018. Still in doubt? Well, promising figures from the past say it all! A report published by The Radicati Group in 2017 reveals that more than 3.7 billion people still use emails on regular basis. So, why not turn those prospects into your customers unleashing email marketing?Interestingly, these figures are going to be hiked by 3 percent or even more in 2018. You may not want to put your deaf ear after knowing those whopping number of email users. Watch out and implement these email marketing trends in 2018 to cash out the opportunity:

1. Interactive Emails On The Rise

Simplistic things are boring at times and of course, your promotional emails are not an exception if you keep them plain and simple. However, 2018 is going to be a year of interactive emails as all eyes are on them. Interactive emails are usually read to the end and keep the audience engaged with appealing template design. Your target audience won’t consume more than a few seconds to decide to click those emails with interactive images and add to cart buttons with attention-grabbing punchlines.

What’s more? As per a poll conducted by Litmus, even the 27 percent of marketers are expecting high from interactive emailers which sweep the audience off the feet at the very first glance. So, why not cash out this opportunity with the help of an established digital marketing agency? You will love the aftermath for sure!

2. Email List Segmentation Setting New Trends

Have you ever paid attention to email list segmentation? If this word sounds like an alien to you, it’s an alarming sign. If this is the case, then your competitors might be lucky to enjoy more customer conversion rates than you through email marketing campaigns. Though marketers have realized it and smart ones are already doing it for you if you are outsourcing your email campaigns to them.

But in case if you haven’t, it’s never too late in 2018 to consider segmentation of your emails on the basis of demographics, interest and age of your target audience. This way you will get more email click-through rates and conversions, eventually. 2018 will be all about studying customer purchasing behaviors and crafting your email marketing campaigns accordingly.

3. AI-Powered Email Marketing Creating Buzz Around

AI or artificial intelligence is revolutionizing many industries and 2018 would see a massive change, especially the email marketing industry. Guess who is trendsetting here? It’s no other than Adobe! The tech giant has already pushed billions of dollars in its AI-powered program designed for making email marketing easier than ever. The program will even suggest you to find the perfect image for your email blasts. Further, it will even support your email campaigns by suggesting best subject lines, email list segmentation and creating more personalized emails for your target audience. Follow their footsteps and ask a pioneer in digital marketing agency that offers AI services too to help you accomplish more through emails in 2018.

In short, 2018 would set revolutionary email marketing trends and some of them you can already feel happening around you. Forget those rumors that say email marketing is the thing of the past. As you can see, email marketing is on the rise. It’s time to follow up the trends and be ahead in the game with the help of a technologically advanced IT company to cash out the opportunity. Don’t just sit back and see your competitors converting email users into their customers. Rather make use of these trending email marketing tactics and bring home the joy of converting customers for your business.

Want AI-powered tools that can automate your way of email marketing while giving the feel of human touch? Or, just don’t want to put yourself in the overwhelming process of email list segmentation? Whichever the case be, Creative Thoughts Informatics can always help you. Being an established digital marketing and mobile app development company, we can checkmate your competitors with our technical know-how of the industry. Consider us when you want to achieve more conversions from your email marketing campaigns. Contact us now!

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