Android 9 Pie: Awesome Features and How They Will Hook Up Users


Google has just introduced the new version of Android – Android 9 Pie! Developing an app on it from a renowned Android app development company could be a real boost to your ROIs. Thanks to the awesome features it is bringing in.Packed with powerful features like extended battery life, new gestures navigation, it will keep your app users hooked onto it. Probably, these contemporary features would wow your users as they try their hands on Android 9 Pie.

In speed, it’s as flawless as Android Oreo plus it comes with improved UI and colorful interface. Let’s discuss in detail the new and updated features of Android Pie:

  1. Adaptive Battery That Serves Longer

Android Pie is equipped with advanced AI algorithms good enough to give your phone battery a long standby time. It uses machine learning to know which apps you are going to use in the next few hours. Automatically, it spends your battery’s energy on the mobile app you are going to use. This helps your battery power in serving you flawlessly for a long period of time without the need for charging. So consider building an app on this platform from a reputed Android app development company.

  1. Adaptive BrightnessThat Adjusts to Environment

The Android Pie is smart enough to adjust your screen brightness according to the environment you are in. For instance, if you are moving in the daylight, it will set your screen brightness to the optimal. It learns your screen brightness in different settings and automates it for you accordingly.

  1. App Actions to Get Things Accomplished Quickly

This OS is built to get done with your tasks quickly. The App Actions learn what you do and analyze the data for a period of time and then display predictions. For instance, if you have just connected your headphones to the phone, it will automatically display the last playlist you were listening to. Thus, predictions save your time and efforts. The Android Pie seems to attract masses with its lucrative features, so make sure you hire android developer, build an app and be there before your competitors do!

  1. Slices to Make Your Every Search Count

Slices help you keep going easier whenever you make a search on the Google. It displays a part of your mobile application below the Google suggestions whenever you perform a quick Google search. For instance, if you search for Uber on Google, it will display you the Uber’s price and time below the Google search suggestions.

  1. Gesture Navigation to Take Off the Load From You

This is another revolutionary mobile app feature that compliments mobile phones with Android Pie OS. Using gesture navigation, you can navigate the system without using buttons. Surely a thumb up if you keep convenience above all else! Now, switch flawlessly between apps using gestures that make your life easy. Blow the minds of users as your app goes live on Android Pie using the best-in-class Android app development services.

  1. Background Restrictions That Give You Better Control

With Android Pie rollout, you will have a better control over your battery’s power consumption. So if you have many apps installed in your phone that run in the background and drain your battery’s power, you have got a solution. This OS gives you recommendations to restrict certain apps that consume a lot of power which will end up battery runoutissues.

With numerous useful features, Android 9 Pie is all set to rock Android users. It’s equally useful for businesses looking to deploy their new Android apps on the platform using Android app development services. Your users will have a better satisfying experience while they will use your mobile application on the phone. Google has done justice to Android platform by empowering it with the Android Pie, let’s see how far it goes!

Impressed with the Android Pie, you might want to roll out a new Android app in the market? Our mobile app development company could help make development accomplished for you. We are Creative Thoughts Informatics. We stay tuned with the latest features to make your app development initiative a real success. Let’s collaborate to create an Android app your users will love to talk about. Call us now!

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