Why React Native is The Right Platform for Building Your Cross-Platform Mobile App?

When building a mobile application for your business, usually, there are a plethora of options at your table for choosing the development platform. But the top Mobile App Development Company would vouch for React Native as the right platform. And why they wouldn’t when the Reach Native comes loaded with powerful features and functions that support your dreams of building a killer mobile app?

Let’s find out if React Native is just hype or really a useful platform to build exceptional mobile applications. Check out a few most-talked reasons React Native is applauded for:

1. Cross-Platform Compatibility that’s Second to None

Want to develop a cross-platform compatible mobile application that runs flawlessly on iOS and Android? React Native is the reliable solution for you to develop full-blown applications that work smoothly on all iOS and Android devices. That means no more extra line of platform-specific code, fewer efforts and easy development of your mobile application. Indeed, it’s the platform worth considering for mobile app development services if writing codes on multiple platforms aren’t your kind of thing.

2. Shorter Development Cycles That Eventually Help You

Being a businessman, you might be putting timelines above everything else, no matter if it is the development of your app or anything else. What if you get to know that React Native saves time that results in shorter development cycles? And indeed, it does reduce development times by 30 percent which is a remarkable figure your mobile app development company will appreciate. It creates one shared layered data for Android as well as iOS that squeezes the development phase.

3. Great Features Such as Live Updates and Code Push

By helping you publish live updates at the touch of a button, the React Native makes your life easier. You don’t have to go through the Play Store to push live updates in an old-fashioned way. Instead, updates could be pushed right from the React Native platform. Updating apps on the go is the most appreciated feature that any top mobile app development could vouch for! Cheers to the extensive use of Javascript that makes it possible to push updates to your app without overwhelming you.

4. Builds Near Native apps that Perform Flawlessly

The mobile app built on this platform works as flawlessly as native mobile applications. React works perfect with Javascript and can smoothly run even the complex codes and applications just like any native does. Your app’s UI animation would work like a charm regardless of how heavy compilations are! React Native also gives an opportunity for developers to write code in native languages wherever needed. Anytime, you can flawlessly switch from Java to Swift that’s highly appreciated by developers.

5. Offers Developer-Friendly Environment for Smooth Development

React Native provides the best development platform for developers to create a world-class mobile application. Its rich features are the hottest topic among developers. For instance, its hot reloading feature quickly reflects the changes made to the UI. It makes use of Flexbox layout engine. That means, you just have to master one layout engine to develop a mobile application that runs on both the platforms – iOS and Android.

Building cross-platform native mobile application feels like a breeze if you choose React Native as the platform. When seeking mobile app development services, ask for React Native because it performs the best on all parameters, whether it is speed, hot reload, performance, third-party library API support or anything else. What’s more? It offers a developer-friendly environment to build killer apps you are aiming for!

Striving to develop a cross-platform mobile app that consumes less time for development? Let us recommend you React Native because it synchronizes with your aim of faster iOS and Android app development. Mastering the art of top mobile app development, we, Creative Thoughts Informatics, have learned React Native from the core. Ask us for any help you need in building your app. Contact us now!

What Makes Android Application Development Services Prominent for Businesses

Android apps have entirely changed the way businesses used to engage with their prospects. You just need to hire Android app developer to convert a prospect into a client using an Android application as a medium. Interestingly, conversion is just a matter of few clicks if you have an Android application that’s intuitive and has a clear UI and friendly UX with killer call-to-action at the prominent locations. The user base of Android app is growing at a lightning-fast pace. That means more scope for you to grow your business.

With the growing propensity of Android applications, the need for considering services of a mobile app development company is becoming prominent for a business that wants to stay alive online. Let’s find out how it helps you:

1.       Improved Visibility of Your App

Visibility is everything but you need to earn it. Your Android app development company knows it right from the start! A good Android developer never feels shy to put appealing features into your mobile app so that it grabs as many eyeballs as it can. The Android app with rich and engaging features no doubt gets the most traction on the Google Play Store and your app could be the next!

2.       Get Value-Based Service

If you hire Android app developer with an established reputation,your business can make the most out of the opportunity by leveraging value-based services. The developer helps in you running loyalty based programs that keep your customers hooked to your brand. You could also create reward programs for your regular customers so that you earn their loyalty for a lifetime. Certainly, you can make profits for the years to come.

3.       Enhanced User Engagement

Customer engagement is the secret recipe for profits and a reliable mobile app development company could help you leverage the most benefits out it. By creating a flawless experience for your mobile app users, they help flourish your relation with the users. They put advanced features into your app to wow your customers while ensuring better engagement with them to reward your app with success.

4.       Get Right Tool Developed for Direct Promotions

Reaching your users directly is the best way to promote your product/service. An Android application premier helps you make that much-needed reach with the help of push notifications. With the developer’s assistance, you can run personalized promotion campaigns using push notifications. These campaigns land right into your customer’s app inbox that’s likely to achieve a great outcome.

5.       Avail 24X7 Client Support

At times, your customers might want to clear their queries one on one with you. This is where Android development agency could help you out by connecting you with your users via chat applications within the app. The developers could further develop AI based chatbots that could answer on your behalf while you are not online. So your clients will never leave your desk unsatisfied,eventually, a great win for you!

Surviving without an assistance of a professional Android app Development Company isn’t an option at all. These development agencies are prominent for any business, regardless of niche, that wants to seize the opportunity to grow and engage their customer base. Understand that the relationship with the Android app development agencies is not a one-night stand. The feature that you are proud of having today, go outdated after a few months. So you would need their technical assistance again, to be precise, it’s a relationship that goes for a lifetime.

Need to hire Android app developer that listens to you and could get along with the Android development for a long time? You are in the safe hands of Creative Thoughts Informatics! With hundreds of clients served across continents, we, still, maintain a close relationship with a majority of them. We are here to help you out any time and with anything that your Android application development demands. Let’s collaborate to get started!

The Most Talked Features of iOS 12 to Consider For Your Mobile App

Apple has rolled out iOS 12 with some really exciting features to wow customers. With cool features on the go, it’s a high time to deploy your iOS app with the help of an established iOS app development company. Enriched with awesome additions, theiOS 12 features are all set to become a talk of the town. Addition of new Animoji, Memoji and a better version of Siri, the powerful features are enticing enough to blow the minds of the Apple users.

If building an iOS app is on your mind, you could ask your mobile app development company to help you implement some of the cool features just introduced. But before that let’s show you the exciting iOS 12 features people are talking about these days:

1. Siri in a New Avatar

Your beloved Siri has become a lot smarter than ever! Don’t be surprised if it talks like an encyclopedia. In iOS 12 update, its database has been expanded and now, it can answer trivia questions like a pro. Things such as celebrity facts, racing-related queries and suggestions from USDA are on Siri’s fingertips. With the revamped database, now, it has become even better at answering questions and even translating up to 50 languages. Obviously, this rich feature would add up more users to the Apple. So the scope of opportunities is brighter for you, just hire iOS app developer to get started!

2. Improved Version of Photos App

The iOS 12 update brings to users a new improved version of Photos app that has got some really cool features. With a revamped look of Apple Music, the Photos app automatically creates photo albums of your recently clicked pictures.It automatically stores your recent outing pictures under the tab “For You”.

It takes just one click to share those pictures with your social circle, probably, best for the one who forgets to share photos all the time. Its stock camera app now supports better QR code detection in iPhone models.Leverage these cool features with the support of a premier iOS app development company to make your app a big success!

3. Animoji and Memoji to Keep Boredom Away

Animoji is another cool addition to iOS 12 that’s applauded by users waiting for something really exciting to keep their boredom aside. The Animoji lets you perform voice acting for popular animated characters while the Memoji allows you to create an animated character that resembles like you. Building your animated character with the Memoji is all fun and a great thing to kick away the boredom. The addition of animated characters such as T. Rex, koala, ghost, tiger and tongue and wink detection in Animoji makes it a super-cool feature to kill your time.

So finally iOS 12 is here with some really exciting features to add more feathers to the Apple’s cap. The updates introduced with iOS 12 are not just for a show but they really serve many purposes. With Siri in a new avatar, Animoji and Memoji, improved Photos app, iOS 12 is probably the revolutionary update users have been waiting for a long time.These noteworthy features in iOS 12 would double your hold on the market if you have an iOS app development in the mind. It’s a peak time for businesses to hire iOS app developerand put the first leap towards their success.

Let a reputed Mobile app development company transform your iOS mobile application development ideas into a reality. We are Creative Thoughts Informatics, the premier in iPhone application development that puts your ROI above everything else. We have served conglomerates to small businesses.So don’t hesitate to reach us for mobile application development, no matter how small or big your project is!

3 Helpful Tips to Adapt Your Digital Marketing Strategy to Foreign Markets

Putting your feet into the foreign markets for the first time? A renowned digital marketing company could pave the way for you as it isn’t an easy feat to kick off your growth right from the start. Also, marketing strategies that have worked for you in your country might not work here. Understand that the demographics are different, the audiences have a different taste and the marketing strategies are also different.

Re-inventing your digital marketing strategy with the help of a top SEO company could help you hold the ground in the foreign markets. Here are the tips to make this transition smoother:

1. Find a Local Partner for Digital Marketing

Every country has its own set of rules for marketing and the best practices that you might not be familiar with right off the start. It’s better to partner with a local digital marketing company to help overcome this challenge and make-up the things where you fall short off. Businesses fail when they try to implement the same digital marketing strategy that used to implement back at home! Understand that it’s not your local playground where you know where the pitfalls are. Let a local help you out and weave a strategy that could propel your business growth as soon as you step into the foreign market.

2. Adapt Your Strategy According to the Region

Copy-pasting the same digital marketing strategy that you have been using back at home could put your ROIs in trouble.Every region is unique and so do the internet marketing strategies! Your marketing slogans and product ADs that you have created for use in your home country will not work here. You need to give these marketing collaterals a great makeover to customize it to the foreign market you are penetrating. Also, certain countries like China and Russia have restrictions on several social media platforms. So you need to reach different websites or make use of software to reach your target market. Adapting to the foreign market is the key to churning out profits!

3. Localize Your Digital Marketing Approach

When marketing in a foreign place, act like a local! This philosophy could work wonders for you in localizing your product/service for the foreign market you are going to operate. You will win more sales and customer confidence if you are willing to give your digital marketing strategy the taste of local. You just need to know how to evoke emotions in your local audience and make a strategy around it.

For instance, the red color is considered as a sign of fortune in China while in Western countries, the green color is perceived as a lucky color. You could use these lucky colors in your website theme or digital banners you design to get your audiences’ attention.

These tips could help you win the audiences’ sentiments that greatly influence buying decision. Acknowledge that marketing in a foreign market isn’t an easy feat. Adapting to the foreign market is the only key to survive and excel, eventually. Test the waters before you put your step into it. You need to weave a local digital marketing strategy with the help of a top SEO company to avoid the pitfalls. Give your business a great chance to grow in the foreign market by learning the trick of the trades that you have gained from here.

Need a helping hand of a local digital marketing company to assist you in capturing foreign markets? We, Creative Thoughts Informatics, a leading web and mobile app development company have helped many businesses in gaining the grounds in the competitive foreign markets across the continents. We have learned the ropes to outperform competitors with our local digital marketing strategies. Consult us today if you have plans to expand to foreign markets.

Awesome Benefits of Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development Needs

Have got more app development projects than you can handle? But hesitating to outsource them to a top mobile app development company? Well, you aren’t doing justice to your profit-making ambitions. When your projects could be handled timely and in a professional manner, there’s no reason to stop. On the top of it, there’s a limit to physical hires due to the overheads involved. You will need to flush a lot of money in managing your full-time resources. That might not be of your interests! This is where outsourcing your mobile app development services helps.

Let’s help you get out of this dilemma that every mobile app development company faces! Explore how outsourcing your mobile application projects could prove beneficial for your company and money-making dreams.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness That You Will Appreciate

Want to save money while not compromising with the quality deliveries? Then, outsourcing your projects to a top mobile app development company could fulfill your interests in saving money. Moreover, you can hire them at a significant price margin that will put a smile on your face, for sure! Wondering how? It’s simple. Just consider an offshore company with relatively lower prices of development due to currency differences. You will need not to pay for buying computers, desks or invest in infrastructure that will turn out to be more cost-effective than you can think off!

  1. Quick Turnaround Time that Accelerates the Development

Usually, a professional mobile app development company has quick turnaround times because they value the client relationship. That means the end of your mobile development woes because you don’t have to push them for deliveries. Instead, they will be updating you the progress of the projects online. Isn’t that great?

  1. Gives You Opportunity to Choose the Best Talent

Hiring a top talent in your local area could be challenging at times. Your HR could vouch for it. Often, the companies have to settle with the mediocre talent that partially fits the project’s needs. But this is not the case with the outsourcing. In fact, you will have the best global talent working for you virtually if you choose to outsource your projects. You could track their past records, certifications and give them a sample test, to begin with. Hire the one that exceeds your expectations. It will eventually help you in growing your company!

  1. Get All App Development Solutions Under One-Roof

You might not be getting the same kind of projects all the times. Sometimes, your clients want you to develop a grocery app while other times it could be a taxi app, hospital app and so on. Your local talent might not possess experience in handling all this stuff. This is where outsourcing it to companies experienced in delivering mobile apps of all kinds and functions will help. You won’t need to look elsewhere as they will handle every single concern for your app development.

Outsource your mobile app development services and say goodbye to hassles that you face from the development to the app launching phase. With the best talent onboard ready to serve you in the timezone you prefer, mobile development feels like an easier stuff. Just choose the best mobile app development partner and you would thank yourself for this awesome decision. Without investing in infrastructure or increasing your overheads, you will be making a significant amount of profits. What more you could ask for? Consider outsourcing your app development projects and make your life easier!

Thinking of outsourcing your mobile application development needs? Think of us – Creative Thoughts Informatics, because we are the best mobile and Web Development Company who could handle it all in-house! From creative designing to complicated functionalities, our app developers have mastered them all to deploy your apps successfully. Call us for a free consultation!

Top 4 Mobile App Development Trends For The App Industry In 2019

The demand for mobile app development has experienced a surge like never before. Now, more and more businesses are spending on mobile app development services to make the most out of mobile searches. The average per session activity of users on mobile applications has triggered to 6 percent more than the last year. Wondering why? Because there’s an app for everything and experiencing the hike in figures is quite likely.

This robust demand for mobile applications has pushed the app developers to come up with something more innovative every year. If you are keen to know more, then let’s find out what would be trending in the mobile app industry in 2019:

  1. M-Commerce Apps Will Rule the Market

Back in 2015, the M-Commerce market was $450 billion which has now reached $1086 billion in figures. Well, that’s a double fold jump in the figures. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? Now,businesses know that they are going to acquire more leads from mobiles than the desktops. So their interest is leaning more towards building mobile applications for the online shopping from a mobile app development company.

The rise in the number of mobile wallets has added another feather to the growth of M-Commerce industry which is not at all hidden from the businesses. This winning trend will continue to dominate 2019 as well.

  1. Cloud Applications Will See a Surge

With the promising CAGR of 18.2% for the period 2017 to 2021, the SaaS industry is going to be a point of attention in 2019. The demand for cloud applications is on the rise as the local storage devices are shrinking. The trends are moving towards the use of cloud applications due to greater security, unlimited space and better control over confidentiality. The market for cloud applications is forecasted to reach $ 68 billion in figures by the end of 2019.

Seeing its massive growth, it couldn’t be ruled out that the future of mobile applications is in the cloud. It is the best time for building a cloud app from a top mobile app development company and get benefited by the promising growth figures.

  1. More Demand for Apps for Wearable Tech

The use of smart wearable devices such as Apple Watch has created another furor in the industry. It has paved the way for the use of mobile applications for the wearable tech. You could see them all around. People jogging in the morning wearing their smartwatches and controlling their daily tasks using mobile applications. The trend for wearable tech apps will further rise in 2019 as the market is expected to grow over $100 billion mark by 2023. It sounds profitable to consider mobile app development services for building apps if you deal in this niche.

  1. AI and Machine Learning Will Be the Catalyst of Change

The growing use of digital assistants like Google Assistant and Siri has given rise to a new trend in the industry, AI-powered mobile applications! The mobile apps with AI and machine learning functions are predicted to perform well in 2019 as well. These intelligent applications are contributing to the growing numbers of the AI industry that are expected to go beyond $1.2 trillion in 2019. You will see their use in predictive text for the ease of typing, GPS route suggestions, voice-based searches and several other functions.

Seeing the promising growth figures revealed above, 2019 seems like a golden time for the mobile app industry to grow beyond expectations. It will bring cheers to both, those who are already up in the market with their apps and those who are set to enter the market by building mobile apps from a top mobile app development company. The trends such as AI, machine learning, apps for wearable tech, cloud applications and M-Commerce will continue to dominate the industry in 2019. You will see more promising features revealed for users in the near future!

When the demand for mobile apps is at a peak, then why waits and watch? Just roll over your mobile application for your business and experience growth. Consider Creative Thoughts Informatics for the mobile app development services to beat the competition in the market. Call us now to know more!

Top 4 Features for Building Trending Messenger Apps like WhatsApp and Telegram


Aspiring to build a trending messenger app from a mobile app development company? Definitely, you would look to bring enticing features of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram into your app. These Goliaths have taken over the world of messaging so replicating them would put you in the right course. These instant messaging apps have a pretty large user base, so following their footprints is the best thing you could do. However, you need to know which features could make your messenger application stand out.

Read these4 lucrative features your modern messenger app must have to gain a traction in the market:

  1. Simplest User Login

Designing a login that works simply great for users adds more to the app experience. Your app users will love it if you give them the simplest way of logging in. For instance, the Facebook asks for email and password for logging into the app. You could also consider an SMS-based login system for your audience. But make sure you don’t overcomplicate it or else your users will walk away without logging into it.Get some more creative ideas from a mobile development company to develop a user login system that makes things easier for your users.

  1. Chatbots for the Ease of Communication

Got fancy of chatbots that keep their users hooked all the time? You might have seen them in Telegramand other instant messaging apps. But Telegram was one of the first IMs to introduce them in the market. These AI-based chatbots could automate and simplify many tasks to help your users. Enabling chatbots feature for your messaging app would be a lovely feature that your users will appreciate.

  1. Message Broadcasting Feature for User’s Convenience

This is another exciting feature that lets users create a group of desired contacts and then shoot them messages all at once. But the messages don’t appear to the recipients as a group message rather as a message from that individual. Message broadcasting is a great feature for businesses that want to reach out to the customers because they get treated as a personal message. Let your mobile and web development company convey that you need a message broadcasting feature in your app for the ease of communication.

  1. Geolocation to Fulfill Users’ Interests

You might be aware of the geolocation feature in the instant messaging apps like Facebook messenger, Telegram, etc. It is a great addition to your app as your users could share their live location with their contacts. At times, this feature could help your users in locating other users or walking to the physical address of the businesses. Keep it in your must-have feature list to stay ahead in the trends.Put it into your priority list while doing the application development.

Building a contemporary instant messaging application such as WhatsApp, FB Messenger and Telegram is possible if you know which feature to put during the app development phase. Some of the features shared here could give you a winning leap if you consider them. Weed out those features that don’t make the users’ life easier. Or else, they will consume your resources and turn out to be good for nothing.There’s a fierce competition out there in this niche, but you could survive if you keep an ease of communication above all else.

Got an idea to develop a trending instant messaging app such as the WhatsApp or Telegram? Let us, Creative Thoughts Informatics, help you out in developing the chatting application for you. Being the top mobile and web development company in India, we know how to create a furor in the market. Reach us if you building an interactive app is on your mind.

Android 9 Pie: Awesome Features and How They Will Hook Up Users


Google has just introduced the new version of Android – Android 9 Pie! Developing an app on it from a renowned Android app development company could be a real boost to your ROIs. Thanks to the awesome features it is bringing in.Packed with powerful features like extended battery life, new gestures navigation, it will keep your app users hooked onto it. Probably, these contemporary features would wow your users as they try their hands on Android 9 Pie.

In speed, it’s as flawless as Android Oreo plus it comes with improved UI and colorful interface. Let’s discuss in detail the new and updated features of Android Pie:

  1. Adaptive Battery That Serves Longer

Android Pie is equipped with advanced AI algorithms good enough to give your phone battery a long standby time. It uses machine learning to know which apps you are going to use in the next few hours. Automatically, it spends your battery’s energy on the mobile app you are going to use. This helps your battery power in serving you flawlessly for a long period of time without the need for charging. So consider building an app on this platform from a reputed Android app development company.

  1. Adaptive BrightnessThat Adjusts to Environment

The Android Pie is smart enough to adjust your screen brightness according to the environment you are in. For instance, if you are moving in the daylight, it will set your screen brightness to the optimal. It learns your screen brightness in different settings and automates it for you accordingly.

  1. App Actions to Get Things Accomplished Quickly

This OS is built to get done with your tasks quickly. The App Actions learn what you do and analyze the data for a period of time and then display predictions. For instance, if you have just connected your headphones to the phone, it will automatically display the last playlist you were listening to. Thus, predictions save your time and efforts. The Android Pie seems to attract masses with its lucrative features, so make sure you hire android developer, build an app and be there before your competitors do!

  1. Slices to Make Your Every Search Count

Slices help you keep going easier whenever you make a search on the Google. It displays a part of your mobile application below the Google suggestions whenever you perform a quick Google search. For instance, if you search for Uber on Google, it will display you the Uber’s price and time below the Google search suggestions.

  1. Gesture Navigation to Take Off the Load From You

This is another revolutionary mobile app feature that compliments mobile phones with Android Pie OS. Using gesture navigation, you can navigate the system without using buttons. Surely a thumb up if you keep convenience above all else! Now, switch flawlessly between apps using gestures that make your life easy. Blow the minds of users as your app goes live on Android Pie using the best-in-class Android app development services.

  1. Background Restrictions That Give You Better Control

With Android Pie rollout, you will have a better control over your battery’s power consumption. So if you have many apps installed in your phone that run in the background and drain your battery’s power, you have got a solution. This OS gives you recommendations to restrict certain apps that consume a lot of power which will end up battery runoutissues.

With numerous useful features, Android 9 Pie is all set to rock Android users. It’s equally useful for businesses looking to deploy their new Android apps on the platform using Android app development services. Your users will have a better satisfying experience while they will use your mobile application on the phone. Google has done justice to Android platform by empowering it with the Android Pie, let’s see how far it goes!

Impressed with the Android Pie, you might want to roll out a new Android app in the market? Our mobile app development company could help make development accomplished for you. We are Creative Thoughts Informatics. We stay tuned with the latest features to make your app development initiative a real success. Let’s collaborate to create an Android app your users will love to talk about. Call us now!

How Much It Really Costs To Develop a Food Ordering App Similar to Zomato or Swiggy?


Aiming to roll out a food ordering mobile app just like Zomato or Swiggy for your venture? Well, stepping your feet in the food and delivery niche is a profitable affair and a Mobile app development company could help you get started. Earning top dollars out of the food delivery business is pretty easier comparatively. For those who doubt it, you might like to see the growth trajectory of Zomato, Swiggy and UberEats that soars to new heights every year. Though building a complex app may take you a couple of months but worth waiting.

You might have the curiosity to know the cost involved in the development of food delivery app. Let’s get you familiar with the prices. Knowing the prices upfront prepares you better to control your budget and arrange for financials before you start out with the food ordering app development. Let’s find out more about the topic and answer your concerns that you may have.

  • Cost of Developing a Food Delivery Mobile Application

Cost of building a contemporary app like Zomato from the food delivery app development company is going to cost you slightly above the usual mobile apps. But the costing shouldn’t be your prime concern considering the high ROIs food delivery application delivers. Below are some of the factors that influence the cost of your food delivery app. Let’s talk about them one by one:

  • App Development Platforms

Costs for the food app development could vary depending on the platform you choose for the development. For instance, building the app on the iOS could cost you more than an android app. If your app needs to create responsive pages using frameworks like CakePHP and RoR, the cost could be further hiked up.

  • Design and Functionality

The app’s UI and design needs to be enticing to engage food lovers the moment they open it on their mobile phones. Also, it must be equipped with all those contemporary functionalities that a foodie usually looks for. Designing and functionalities could further add a few thousand dollars to the development cost.

  • Size of the Mobile Application

What would be the app size you should keep? Well, your developer could let you know after getting the list from you about the functionalities and features to be added in the application. You can even consider MVP in the early stages.

  • Developer/Development Company’s Charges

Since the development charges vary from developer to developer, the rates are largely dependent on how much your developer charges you. Usually, the development rates start from $30 per hour and go beyond depending on the complexity of the app and experience of the developer. Building a food delivery app like Swiggy or Zomato could take hundreds of hours in the development. So if you feel that hourly rates could rack up your costing, you can even request for a fixed quote from your developer. This would keep things in your budget.

  • Final Wrap-Up

The price to develop MVP for a Zomato like application usually starts from $15000 and go up. Expect to pay around $24000 for a fully functional Android app. However, that also depends on the various pricing features and functionalities you ask your food delivery or restaurant app development company to put into your food ordering app. If the budget bothers you, you may start small. Even the apps like Uber Eats and Zomato have far fewer features at the start than they have now. You can add more features as your mobile app starts gaining traction online.

Thinking of building a contemporary food delivery mobile application like Uber Eats, Zomato or Swiggy? Then think of us because we, Creative Thoughts Informatics, know the features foodies look for! Building your food ordering app from us will keep you ahead in the race. If you are about to roll out a food delivery venture, let’s talk about the pricing for development now. Call us now!

5 Web design tips to Impress Your Target Audience in 2018

Web Design, well, let’s start off with what it is all about? Web Design is the first and foremost prerequisite that helps you establish your web-based technology at par with the growing competition in the leading world. Businesses, in the present era, wants to be competitive in today’s growing marketplace. With various fresh and top notch web designing tips and innovations, web-based technologies have turned fearless. In today’s online competitive space of leading web designing companies, if you want to rule digitally, you cannot wish to oversee the requirement of having an alluring yet crisp web design.

But what difference does it make?

Have you noticed your interest while navigating through a website? Do you wish to stick to a website having poor to common design? Doesn’t it restrict you to get the thing you are looking for? Well, if it’s a yes every time, you may even abandon the website because it is just a waste of time. This is a signal of bad user experience that compels the reader or audience to quit the site permanently because it has a weak web design. Your website is the primary marketing tool that you use to communicate your value proposition to entice and attract your target readers and audience.

Hence, the web design and experience matter! More than the content.

So, if you are a web designing company looking for the spot on website designing tips, here are five web design tips to Impress & Engage Your Target Audience in 2018.

1. Responsive Web Design with ease of navigation

The world no longer depends on laptops and computer screen but smartphones in hand. And to hook the reader on to the website, we need to use a responsive web design that shall attract the audience and give them ease to scroll through.

2. Great use of Typography and compelling graphics

It’s no hidden fact that use of alluring typography and compelling graphics attract the users more to the website. To sell your products, services and even make your reader come back to your site, use attractive yet simple fonts to show your excellent knowledge in web designing.

3. Use of animation

Well, this isn’t a secret weapon. We know how we as readers get attracted to animated pictures and videos that can help us relate. Hence, if you as a web development company are looking for the great website designing tips, don’t miss out using animation.

4. Declutter the sidebars

While we as a business might feel that a sidebar is a go-to place when it comes to the website, we sometimes overdo it with a lot of options. Let’s say; there is a strict need to declutter the sidebars and keep only the relevant options there.

5. Say no to mediocrity

Mediocrity; something that you need to stay away from. Do not settle down for a mediocre web designing or content marketing strategies. To prioritize engagement and focus on the quality of your participation over the number of clicks and impressions, use out of the box ideas keeping in mind what your readers or audience look forward to from your website.

Once you have all these 5 perspectives in place, you’ll see a definite increase in engagement on your website.