Boost Your Mobile App User Acquisition Strategy Using This Smart Guide

User count matters for any mobile app. The bigger user base it has, the better the chances of going viral online. Simply getting it developed from a reputed mobile app development company is not enough; you need to acquire more users to stay in the business. But this is tricky for most mobile app startups and a majority of them often fail. Unless you have a smart and solid user acquisition strategy, your dreams of getting success are just a bubble that could burst anytime.

Let’s guide you how to acquire more users for your app using the best practices:

1. Put Video ADs to Work

The written-form of content is boring at times. If you are marketing your mobile app in an old traditional way with just plain blogs and articles, you might not get their attention. But what if you choose videos as a medium to promote your app? You will love to see the end results with terrific click-through rates. This gives you a compelling reason to start investing in mobile videos ads. You will surely grab the attention of your potential users which stay busy on mobile all the time.

2. Leverage Appeal Optimization

Have you ever indulged in appeal optimization of your mobile application? If this is the first time you have come across it, then, let’s tell you that it’s as crucial as search optimization. Your app store ranking will mean nothing if you lack in appeal optimization. No matter how many dollars you have paid for mobile app development, it won’t help you acquire users until potential users don’t see value in it. This is why having a creative icon, perfect app screenshots and engaging description helps add appeal to your app for a quick user acquisition.

3. Get PR Strategy to Bolster Results

Want to ride a roller coaster where chances to meet prospects and gain conversions are very high? You need a serious PR strategy at the place to grab you more eyeballs that eventually scale your user base. But before you start pitching media outlets or authority blogs, make sure that they operate in your niche. They are usually visited by millions of people who could be your users if pitched right. Make a storyline that gives them a message with an eye-catching headline to drive organic user installs of your app. You can even check with mobile app Development Company that’s in touch with influencers and bloggers to make things easier for you without hunting.

4. Drive Customers to Your Sales Funnel Using Content Marketing

While many businesses still wondering what content marketing is all about, it has a tangible influence on increasing the size of your user base. Usually, two things tick in the mind of the audience when you flash your content in front of them, use your app or skip away. With an effective content marketing, you can tap into the opportunity to convert them before they slip away to your competitors. In synergy with eye-catchy mobile app development, you should also market your content to places where your users often come frequently. Answer their queries on Quora or Stack Overflow that fall in your app’s niche. You will experience high traffic and more downloads over time broadening your aspects of user acquisition.

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