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Customized Ecommerce Solution for Retailers

We provide various customized e-commerce solutions to retailers from small-scale to large-scale ones. These solutions help to increase the volume of sales for the retailers and put them on the map.

Multi-Vendors Retail App

A multi-vendor retail app is one which provides a platform for multiple vendors to exchange goods and services. We looked closely at what was actually needed for a multi vendor environment and developed a comprehensive solution.

CRM Development

CRM is a software which manages interactions with current and future customers. This type of a software efficiently enhances the work process of the business by using innovative strategies. We develop custom, scalable and easy-to-use CRM solutions for industries.

Sales Management System

A sales management system is one which focuses on interacting with prospects and customers, finding opportunities, forecasting revenue etc. This form of a centralized system adds structure to the business and brings value to the sales team.

Laboratory Mobile Apps

The company is also adept in development of scientific mobile applications. These types of applications aid researchers and other such laboratoryworkers in their pursuit of laboratory efficiency and scientific discovery.

Retail BOT Development

Chatbots are specially programmed robots which are used to interact with customers and simulate human conversation. These form of bots make use of artificial intelligence technology and contact with customers in a unique way which helps them to grow.

Inventory Management System

An inventory management system tracks goods throughout the entire supply system. This helps people to see each and every small moving part of the inventory in a practical manner which helps to make better decisions and investments.

Enterprise Mobility Solution for Multispeciality Hospital

we at Creative Thoughts Informatics provide leading enterprise mobility solutions for multispeciality hospitals by incorporating mobility solutions which help in better decision making with reduced complex measures. Our main aim is to to offer a complete enterprise mobility solutions having consulting, development and maintenance to best suits diversified business requirements through our innovative and cutting-edge approach.

AR & VR Technology Based Apps for Surgeons

AR and VR could help in making surgeries safer than it is today. These technologies could help the surgeons to see hovering characteristics of a person on top of his body, such as a hovering echocardiogram. We at creative thoughts Informatics are able to develop outstanding AR and VR application on several platforms and for multiple industry verticals that drive learning, engagement and data visualization in an impressive way.

Small Clinics Medical App

We provide mobility solutions such as medical applications for small clinics. Applications can get access to clinical information which could help them in various ways such as administering first-aid, locating medical stores etc.

Nursing Home and Pediatric Centers

Our Mobility solutions help nursing homes and pediatric centres in various ways such as in education, awareness, remote data collection, diagnostic remotely, diagnostic support, treatment support and many else

Our Ecommerce Mobile App Development Solutions

In the world today, mobile app development solutions have been influencing all forms of companies which include small, medium and large-scale industries. Creative Thoughts Informatics offers such solutions which are secure and high-performing and serve the enterprise at all levels.

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Enterprise Mobility Solution for Retailers & Online Businesses

We develops solutions for retailers and online businesses which help them in ways such as allowing them to better capture data from the field, help manage jobs and get more work done in an efficient manner.

Supply Chain ManagementCenters and Sports Center

Our applications help supply chain management centers and sports centers to leverage technologies which derive actionable insights from real-time data and optimize the operational costs.