How Mobile Technology Is Revolutionizing Healthcare Industry


Mobile phones, tablets, wearables and other handheld devices have been a hot thing ever since the first mobile device came into existence. They have forever been entertaining factors. But it turns out they are most likely being utilized in the healthcare industry lately.

Our country has witnessed a shift in the last few years. Count in EMR’s, mHealth, cloud and other numerous medical assistant apps floating in the virtual world, the medical industry is growing technically. With the advancement in technologies used in mobile application development and revolution of data people are looking forward to technical means and services that medical industry can provide.

Going back in time, the industry had their cream focus on one particular disease but today, with an upgrade in lifestyle comes an innate compromise on the basic health of people. This certainly demands a better awareness as well as special care. With a mere ‘touch of a button’ convenience from our smart phones and tablets, the physical exertion from our routine lives has rapidly diminished to a 50%.

The utilization of the healthcare industry is developing with such rapidity that the entire market is being developed surrounding mobile technologies. Not to forget the perks that the various mobile application development services provide. Companies that have never before exerted influence in this sector are swiftly becoming its ultimate power- peddlers. From patient registrations to data monitoring, lab tests to self-care tools, technology in healthcare has evolved a great deal.

Smartphones, tablets, heart rate monitors and running watches are replacing traditional monitoring and recording systems. People are now given the option of undergoing a full consultation in the privacy of their own homes. For example, people can now get their blood pressure checked either at home with just a call or through mobile applications available on cloud. I got my grandma’s diabetes checkup done right at home and that too with just a click. It’s that easy.

The usage of all the smart devices is not just limited to the patients and the medical professionals, but is also deployed for the functioning of the entire healthcare lifecycle. Doctors have their fair chances to use the privileges too.

One of the main reason how technology has revolutionized the healthcare industry is by improving healthcare services for the patients. By bringing in concepts like the EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and EHR (Electronic Health Record), the redundant paperwork and delays has reduced to over 70%. Incorporating technology in healthcare has helped manage the services pretty effectively. Not just the patients but the doctors have received a great deal of help too. Incorporating technology in healthcare allows doctors to point and click the patient’s historical records to save the time in knowing the patient’s history, unlike the traditional method where a lot of tests are done first to determine the patient’s real problems.

Healthcare institutions, medical practitioners, and pharmaceutical agencies can easily reap the benefits of mobile technology now by embracing advancements in their daily activities. With an aim to contribute to patient’s well-being and streamlining activities, the healthcare industry is gradually advancing towards process automation and is certainly bridging the gap that existed in conventional medical systems. In turn, a great way to creative, thoughtful uses of our dear dire technology. There is a tremendous potential for the fast paced growing technology to provide a valuable insight into healthcare sphere and things will be a lot different till 2020. There are a lot of mobile application developments advantages to happen soon! Fingers crossed.

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