Magento vs. Shopify: Which eCommerce Platform to Use?

Thinking of taking a big leap in 2018 for your eCommerce business? You might be heading to choose the best platform out of Magento and Shopify! Neither Magento development is new in the market Nor the Shopify platform. Each and every startup in the online world is adopting the latest innovation in responsive website design. But, which one fits your online business and needs without breaking a bank? This question pops up in front of an entrepreneur who wishes to stay ahead in the game by investing in a right platform. Actually, there is not one answer to this question. In fact, both are great and technologically advanced platforms for online stores.

To make a right choice, you need to figure it out your needs and then pick the platform that meets them closely. Let’s give you the insight to find out more about the topic:

1. According To Hosting Environment

Don’t like to pay separately for web hosting? Shopify is your kind of thing then! No hassles of purchasing web hosting, maintaining or updating it periodically. Everything is on Auto-Pilot. That makes a sense when you don’t like to mess up with technologies and software that scare you all the time. Shopify does it on its own without mulling you over the complicated software-related glitches.

On the other side, Magento wants you to take care of hosting and necessary updates required routinely. It is not for someone unwilling to spend the time to manage his servers. It’s a perfect deal for someone who wants to stay in charge of his own store in terms of control over the online stores. You can do this yourself or take help from a certified web development company specializing in Magento.

2. Based on Software Functionalities

With an intuitive interface, Shopify is a perfect for a common businessman who doesn’t want to mess up with complicated codes. Its interface is designed so simple that you can begin right away without having any prior knowledge of programming languages. In other words, you can add products, create categories and navigation and upload product lists right away. No gimmicks or making your brain overwhelmed with codes. Start your online stores in minutes and handle every process without knowing any techie’s stuff.

On the other hand, Magento is more suitable for large businesses. Truth be told, Magento development requires assistance from a qualified Ecommerce development company. Even a simple tweak needs knowledge of coding. It’s more suitable for those who have access to Magento developers or companies which can help you build a store of your dreams.

3. Depending on Themes and Templates Options

Are you a great fond of themes? Well, they can have a great impact on your online store’s conversion rates. At times, you might be interested to try something new in the market. But Shopify would cost you more as compared to Magento. Though both have free, premium and freemium options but Magento has more options and is cost-effective. For businessmen, who look for things in a budget, Magento Connect has lots of affordable themes to go with. You may also hire a Magento Developer from Ecommerce Development agency for custom development of themes to give it the look you want.

No matter if you choose Magento or Shopify, both work great! However, Shopify is a cool option for those who have just started out with an e-commerce business. Shopify lets your core focus stay on online merchandising and retailing while Shopify handles all the technology related stuff. But if you want to take your business on a more serious note, then Magento works like a charm. With unlimited possibilities in Magento, you would be in a better charge of your online business. Though there is a bit more investment required for Magento development than Shopify but worth if you want to take your online store to the pinnacle of success.

Looking to make a right leap for your online business success? Associate with an established Ecommerce website development company like CT Informatics to turn your vision into a living reality. We have been a reason behind several Shopify and Magento stores and could be yours too. Just connect with us to see what wonders we can do for your business. Register your interest with us for opening an online store and rest leave on us. Contact us today!

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