Major iOS App Development Challenges to overcome in 2018


Apple stays on the top of trends in technology. With the recent introduction of app store with iOs 11, iOS App development has brought some tricky challenges to table. It has become trickier than ever to meet Apple Store guidelines and get launched there. While Apple is making a push to incorporate more technologically advanced features to its store, it keeps iOS app developers on their toes. Meeting those technology challenges isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

If you are not yet aware of the challenges that your iOS app might face in 2018, it’s never too late to get familiar with it. These are the challenges that your iOS apps are likely to experience in 2018:

1. Application Compatibility Issues

If your iOS app hasn’t been updated for a while, your application might run into compatibility issues. Old versions of apps don’t work on Apple Store, unlike Android that keeps the room for older versions. Moreover, Apple releases frequent updates that keep developers on the toes. This is very tricky and challenging at the same time for any iOS app development company to keep pace with frequent updates.

How to Overcome?

While asking for iOS app development services for your iPhone app development, you need to ask for an app that’s compatible with all Apple devices running latest versions. Be it an iPad, Mac or an iPhone, you should get it tested on every device to ensure its smooth functioning.

2. Striking Balance Between Performance and Memory

What if your iOS App development drains out the maximum memory of your iPhone, making it hang while operating? You won’t love it, right? So does the Apple! This is the reason, the technology giant emphasis a lot on iOS apps that consume little device resources. But this is an uphill task for most iOS app developers when it comes to defining a balance between phone’s resources and app’s performance. With a long list of features to put in your iOS app, it becomes a struggle to strike the balance between the two.

How to Overcome?

When struggling with app’s performance and memory limitations, it’s better to develop lighter versions. Just look around and get some inspiration from other light versions of apps just like YouTube, Twitter, etc. They don’t drain your phone out of memory, so designing something like that would help you handle the memory limitations of your Apple device.

3. Evolving Rules Making Apple Store Approval Tougher

Getting approval from Apple Store isn’t going to be easy in 2018 due to change in Apple Store guidelines and strict policies. Furthermore, there are frequent updates, so by the time you finished with your app development, new rules come into force. It makes your approval process on Apple Store more complicated and miserable. Also, unlike Google that just takes 4-6 hours to approve your app, Apple Store needs a minimum of 4 days for approval of your iOS app. It’s tough and getting even tougher for iOS developers to get approval from Apple Store with new rules in force in 2018.

How to Overcome?

You should be cautious before launching your iOS app on the Apple Store. On a safe note, it’s better to get help from an established iOS app development company. Their iOS developers stay tuned to latest changes in guidelines, content codes and other rules that help flawless approvals from the Apple Store. They could serve your best interests.

Launching your iOS app on Apple Store isn’t a pie that anyone can have easily. Rather, it’s an uphill task that comes with lots of challenges and 2018 is here to make it more complicated with enforcement of new rules. Better be safe and ask for reliable iOS app development services that have ample experience in handling the complexities of the process.

Want flawless iOS App development without worries of getting rejected by Apple Store? A trusted mobile app development company with ample experience in every aspect of iOS application development could be of great help! Ask Creative Thoughts informatics for the successful launch of your iOS app on Apple Store, keeping the worries of challenges aside because we can handle them all. Contact us today!

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