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Mobile Application An Essential Ingredient In Your Recipe for Success

Send Location-Based Deals

Using GPRS feature, the application sends the user location-based deals. This is done so that, the consumer can gets details of the restaurant nearest to his current location so that he can get the best deals nearest to him.

Share Good Reviews Via Social Media

Our professional and dedicated team will integrate a social networking platform feature into the app to let your customers review your restaurant’s service and food options and share their reviews via social media.

Promote Loyalty Programs

Often the app promotes loyalty programs to attract new user into their business. These loyalty programs consist of discounts & constantly provide a varied range of programs for users who have been using the app for long periods of time.

Maintain Customer Database

Apart from awarding long-time users with loyalty programs, our apps have integrated tracking feature to maintain a customer database. This customer is highly effective in locating the customers who have been using the application for a long time and awarding them with the programs.

Easy Menu Display

The restaurant delivery apps also have an easy menu display section. Complete with images and interactive features. These applications have a menu which has an easy display of items for the convenience of the customer. The menu displays all the food products available in the restaurant with all the details of the food.

Maintain Event Listing

We add a special feature in your app to manage the calendar of restaurant events such as food festivals, cuisine days, jamming nights, DJ events, and so on. Thereafter, our app will send timely notifications to customers who have your app so that you have a full house on those special occasions.

Send Timely Push Notifications

Our application also sends push notifications to customers. These push notifications are highly timely in nature as they inform the customer about all offers and important notices to the customers. These notification give details of the delivery of the food, discount offers, availability of new restaurants etc.

Benefits of Developing Restaurant App

A restaurant app helps the restaurant to increase in their businesses without investing to increase their space. These applications also help to get an increase in the number of customers who wish to visit the restaurant on their nights out. Apart from this, the application also helps the customers to get access to those members who are located at far-away places but still want to enjoy food from a particular restaurant.

Why Choose us?

A restaurant app is highly preferred by the gourmet set of people. This is due to the food provided by the restaurant to such people which stimulate their taste glands. To make sure that this happens as a surety, the company creates an app which builds the trust of the customers. They build an app which helps people to get access to food far and wide.

We will be able to state the accurate cost of the future mobile app only when we understand the task. The cost of a mobile app is affected by such factors as design, complexity and functional capacities of the app.
Food ordering App

The food ordering app functions as a social media platform and gives the details of the restaurant. Our application gives the customer details and notifications about the events, programs, discounts etc which have been going on.

Food Delivery app

The food delivery app, on the other hand, functions as an application where the user can contact the restaurant for the food delivery. It is this app that applies as a payment gateway as well as the place for choosing the food.

Features To Have In Restaurant Application Development

Apart from having such features, there are various features which a restaurant development should also be equipped with:

* Engage your customers with push messages.

* Embed videos, images, and other media content.

* Create a referral code system.

* Give customers an option to enjoy the food without wallets.

* Create a loyalty coupon program for your restaurant app.

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Table Booking

There are cases in which a person wishes to book a table directly at the restaurant instead of ordering the food at home. Such applications also offer table booking services for clients at a particular time during the restaurant.

Checking Menu, Prices, & Review

Our app provide the facility of checking menu, prices & review. These help a customer choose and determine the quality of food available at the restaurant. The reviews and ratings are highly helpful in determining the food quality.