Social Networking App Development Solutions

Our Social Networking App Development Solutions

Quick Services

We provide various timely and quick services to facilitate the client’s and the users’ requirements. These quick services include an e-commerce section, product promotion facilities, rich content availability and many more.

Improved security

We provide various steps security including applying security to each application component, automating installation and configuration of security components, testing implemented security measures.

Close to you

The app developed by us allow businesses at a close range to connect with the application and clients to sell their products help corporations to convey a more local feel to passersby looking to attract a new demographic set of people.

Scalable Platforms

We implements a scalable platforms for smart, secure and effortless payment gateway into the app to facilitate the transfer of funds from the customer’s account to the respective product or service seller. This facilitates an easy purchase and sale of products on the application.

We Know Social Networking Platforms

There are diverse needs of a user and it is completely dependent on him to enable the use of the facilities. Due to this, we opens up its all-in-one facilities to the customer. It is the customer who chooses the facilities and enables them to be work all-in-one according to their needs.

Platforms Success

The reason for the success of the platform is flexible pricing. Flexible pricing strategy refers to the final price of a product or a particular service is being sold. The flexible pricing strategy is used when the services are customized in accordance with the customer’s requests.

Robust Infrastructure

We provides the clients with a robust infrastructure by helping them with their mailing supplies requirements. These supplies are provided to help with the packaging strategies which enhance the taste and preference of the clients with the company to increase their customers.

Design Your Business Social Networking Platform From Us

There is a very obvious reason because of which people should design their business social networking platform from the company. Creative Thoughts Informatics provide the business materials which are required to put the application development in action. These business materials include the materials which are used during the delivery of products to the customers.

Developing an application for the client is never enough. It has to be made known to the common public so that they can download and make use of the social networking application.To make sure of this, the company provides the clients with advertising facilities such as banners and posters to make people aware of the application.
Design Services

In order to adapt the design which meets the client’s expectations, the design services at CT informatics understand the basics principle of the client.


We know that the creation of the social networking site is not enough. For this, we offer shredding services of all docs to make sure that they don’t fall into wrong hands.

We Build Enterprise Social Networking Apps for Mobile

We at creative thoughts informatics offer a wide range of services to help the client develop their social networking platform. This helps the client straight from the beginning to the conclusion of the project to put the platform on the online world. They help the clients to maintain a beautiful presence on the Internet using a beautifully designed website.

Start a Project
We help your business grow

Our team has done a majority of jobs for the client in order to help them grow. We take responsibility for offering quick services to provide the after-services which include shredding and offering business materials as well as materials for banners and posters.

Promo Materials

We also work on the provision of promo materials to the clients. These promo materials are a highly effective way to promote the business, in this case, the networking platform to potential investors including everything from brochures, flyers to menus and sales sheets.