Make most of your business with a taxi app solution

Businesses our taxi app development solution caters to

Private-hire/ taxi business

If you maintain independent minicabs, chauffeurs, limos, or traditional taxis, we provide you top solution that will translate to more rides for them and best commission as well.

Car Pooling and rental

Sharing ride and car rental are gaining on popularity. If you run either of the apps on our solution, more riders will enroll on your app platform and you’ll earn more.


The section of Enterprise has a unique set of requirment. Developing solution for them means solution developer has to solve more challenges than ever.

User Registration

As important as it is for services to offer to transportation services, it is also necessary for the application to be quick is terms of functionality. The user registration is quick and does not involve any form of hassle. We make use of the map software to determine the fastest route for the customer.

Book a Tax

The customer is the company’s first and foremost priority. Due to this, we uses an algorithm which finds out the nearest cars and determines the journey at the best prices. Apart from this, the company provides various types of offers and discounts via their applications to provide cars at the best prices.


We in order to prove our viability, offer you various forms of promotions such as discounts and passes for long term discounts in your app. Apart from these, our team designs app in such a way that also provides free-rides a part of their promotions to innumerous passengers.

Manage Ride

The taxi application developed by the company is not merely a simple taxi application. It also provides various other features, the most prominent of which is the manage rides feature. Customers can make use of the service to manage their rides, changing their destination if required or cancelling their rides, if not required.

Bring Automation, Efficiency And Scale To Your Taxi Operations

In order to make sure that none of their customers’ wishes are denied, We build an extraordinary app for you which maintains a large fleet of cars which are continuously out for service. These cars are regularly maintained and accounted for so that they can be daily put out to serve the transportation needs of the public. This brings automation, efficiency and scale to the taxi operations.

We are a leading taxi app development company that is transforming how taxi businesses operate in today’s on-demand, mobile-first world.

Why Choose Us

We have a track record of successful implementation of a diverse number of apps with Live Map Tracking. Our developers continuously keep abreast of the latest technology, and our toolkits are being regularly upgraded to ensure that our customers get only the best software solutions with industry-leading technology to give their business the winning edge.

Revive your taxi or private hire business

Our app transports people on a door to door basis. They do not need to walk an extra mile to find their ride or an extra mile to reach their doorstep. The solutions we provide come with admin web panel, dispatching dashboard and a couple of native apps for passengers and drivers.

Full Day Services

The taxi application is backed by a company which is highly renowned for its provision of services at all times. Be it early in the morning, or late at night, the company offers full-day services because of which it has become a very notable entity in the world of full-day service providers.

Our award-winning taxi solution’s unique benefits

It is normal for taxi applications to transport people over small distances. However, the real problem lies in transporting people over long distances. To help with this, Creative Thoughts Informatics creates applications which are capable of transporting people over long distances, however far it may be. These form to be the award-winning taxi solution’s of the company.

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Customizable & Whitelabel

There are various customizable benefits of the app for the which include the benefit of whitlabeling the app. One such example is are the outstation trips. There are various people who love the scenery and views offered during a drive of the out of the town trips.

Fastest time to market

The taxi application provides the fastest time of travel to the market. The mapping algorithm used by the application is provides a route which can help the drivers to navigate and help the customers reach the market even in days wherein the streets are more crowded than normal.